Trust, Reliability, Experience.

J. Curtis Stoddard and his brother Keith originally started Stoddard Construction Company in 1974. At the time, San Antonio was a small town with just a few architects and design firms. Curtis began to work with one architect after another and soon developed a reputation for high quality construction work. Today, Curtis is considered one of the early pioneers of the construction industry in San Antonio. His company’s work spans a diverse range of projects including schools, churches, hospitals, theme parks and industrial plants.

After three decades as Stoddard Construction Company, Curtis’ new vision was created to include his son and daughter, Curt and Trichia Stoddard. Curt and Trichia have been involved in the construction industry throughout their lives and careers and have a true enthusiasm for the work their father started. Today JC Stoddard Construction Company is a general contracting firm working in many sectors of construction but have become known for their historical, industrial and religious construction.

Trust, Reliability, Experience.

JC Stoddard is involved in many types of construction: office buildings, schools, churches, manufacturing plants, hospitals, theme parks, and historical restorations.

JC Stoddard Construction is owned and operated by a second and third construction generation: Jeron Curtis Stoddard II, Jeron Curtis Stoddard III, and Trichia Stoddard Ramirez.

JC Stoddard believes our success is based on the long-term relationships we build with our customers and employees. The foundation of our relationships is built on trust and reliability. Our goal is to provide every customer with personalized, reliable service at an exceptional value.

We Guarantee

That every project’s team are skilled, licensed professionals and that the project is delivered at competitive prices.

Relationships are at the core of who we are.

For JC Stoddard, building and maintaining strong relationships are at the heart of who we are. We believe that these strong ties make up the very foundation of our company. Whether with contractors, employees or clients maintaining a level of trust will always foster long and healthy alliances for generations to come.